Apply to Teacher Education

Students who wish to obtain licensure in any teacher preparation program at the University of Arkansas must be admitted to their program and register through the Office of Teacher Education for field experience clearance. Students interested in applying to a teacher preparation program should meet with their advisor to ensure all prerequisites are met.

Step 1: Admission to a Teacher Education Program

Each teacher preparation program will have different procedures and deadlines for being admitted to their program.

Step 2: Clearance for Field Experiences through the Office of Teacher Education

  1. Register with the Office of Teacher Education and submit the fee.  This is required before being allowed to participate in any field experience required by your program (see also "What is a Field Experience?").  Teacher candidates will be asked to agree to the Code of Ethics for Arkansas Educators and acknowledge that they have read through the Candidate Support System policy. In addition, a $100 fee will be assessed along with the registration form. Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent to the email provided that details next steps to take after the registration and fee are processed.  
    What does this fee cover? The 100.00 fee covers maintenance and support for LiveScan fingerprinting equipment and software, the 11.00 DHS Central Registry background check fee, administrative assistant salary, credit card fees, scheduling software for fingerprinting appointments, and 240 Tutoring Praxis Preparation Materials. 
  2. Complete Arkansas Department of Education background checks. Schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints scanned and find out out more about background checks on our Background Checks pageAll instructions, required documents, and how to sign up for a fingerprinting appointment can be found on the scheduling site. 
  3. When we have verified your background check has been approved, that you have registered through the OTE and paid the fee, you will receive the OTE Clearance Email to provide to your program that you may participate in any field experience.

FAQ's About Background Check Clearance

These types of background checks are not for the Arkansas Department of Education - if you still think you may have completed an ADE background check - let us know and we can check the AELS database.
No need to worry! We will notarize your Child Maltreatment Form in the Office of Teacher Education.