Apply to Teacher Education

Candidates seeking to obtain licensure in any teacher preparation program at the University of Arkansas need to first apply to the Office of Teacher Education. A $100 fee will be assessed along with your application. You will receive a confirmation email detailing next steps to take after your application and fee are processed.     

When to Apply

We recommend students apply during the fall semester of their sophomore year. We recognize not all programs can follow this timeline but applying early will allow ample time to complete the requirements for clearance through Teacher Education.


Watch this video first or read through the transcript. We dare you to count the number of times we say "background checks"

FAQ's About OTE Clearance:

These types of background checks are not for the Arkansas Department of Education - if you still think you may have completed an ADE background check - let us know and we can check the AELS database.
Notary services can be found at most banks and several offices on campus. Most students use the notary in the Student Union's Treasurer's Office or their local bank. Please let us know if you have difficulty finding a notary.
 We recommend the Walmart on campus but most grocery stores and banks sell money orders.
 Most scores we can access through UA Connect - or through Praxis directly as long as you share them with the University. If you are a transfer student you will have to provide them to us directly.


Application Process

  1. Apply Online and submit the fee. 
  2. Obtain passing scores on basic skills assessment subtests Reading, Writing and Math (Can be any combination of reading, writing, and math scores from ACT, SAT, GRE, and/or Praxis Core).

    *Praxis has teamed with Khan Academy to provide free prep materials (OTE note: These materials through Kahn are awesome! Try them before anything else. You can access them on the Praxis Core website. Also- the Office of Teacher Education now provides access to Praxis Core and Praxis II study content and practice tests through Edmentum.  This service is FREE of charge to you! For more information and instructions on how to access this resource, email
  3. Schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints scanned for an Arkansas Department of Education background check. NOTE: As part of the background check, you will also need to submit a notarized Child Maltreatment Background Check Form. All instructions, required documents, and how to sign up for a fingerprinting appointment can be found on the scheduling site.

Clearance Requirements

  1. Completed application and successful fee submission
  2. Passing scores on any combination of reading, writing, and math scores from ACT, SAT, GRE, and/or Praxis Core
  3. Approved status on an Arkansas Department of Education background check

When we have verified all steps above have been completed, you will receive confirmation by email

NOTE: Clearance from Teacher Education at the University of Arkansas IS NOT admission into your specific program of choice. You must contact your content area adviser for further program specific requirements and deadlines.   

Teacher Education Programs at the University of Arkansas