Background Checks

rules and regulations istock imagePer Arkansas Department of Education before entering a classroom to complete a supervised clinical practice, (all teacher education candidates) shall apply to the Identification Bureau of the Arkansas State Police for a criminal records check and to the Department of Human Services for a Child Maltreatment Central Registry check and shall successfully complete those background checks in accordance with the Department of Education Rules Governing Background Checks and Licensure Revocation.

Background check fingerprinting will be conducted through the Office of Teacher Education. Students can contact the office for scheduled availability or check the link below for fingerprinting appointments. Students who are not currently enrolled and living in the state of Arkansas will be required to do ink fingerprinting. Packets for ink fingerprinting are available by request.

Students will not be allowed to enter a classroom until all background check components have successfully cleared. An unsatisfactory background check may prevent a student from being admitted to a teacher education program, as a denied clearance will prevent a candidate from being hired in an Arkansas school. Learn more about rules governing background checks.

These background checks are valid through the entire period of continuous enrollment at the University of Arkansas; however, students may be required to complete another background check at the time of recommendation for licensure, as results must be current within one year at that point.

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Question: If we’ve already left Fayetteville and are back in our home towns, what do we do about fingerprinting/background checks?

Question: I am currently out of state with my family. Is there any way I could get fingerprinted somewhere else and have it sent to you all? How does that work?

You may have to complete the background check process in or around your area – if you are in Arkansas you can schedule fingerprinting at a local education cooperative. For a list of LiveScan locations see the attached:

If you are out of state, then use the following instructions:

Question: Could I get fingerprinted on campus to apply for out of state background checks (Missouri)?

No, we only provide background check fingerprinting for Arkansas Department of Education.


Question: I have completed all 3 steps to get my background check, however when I paid for my FBI background check in step 1 I was not given an option to print or save a receipt but it did come out of my banking account. Do you know where I might be able to the receipt to print?

If you ever need to find the Transaction ID – you can call ADE at 501-682-4342

Question: I renewed my background check in November so I could sub in Bentonville. It is renewed since 11/22/2019. Do I have to sign up again to get a background check?

Question: If my background check got approved on July 27, 2019 should I still go ahead and get another background check, or is that not necessary?

 Question: I have gotten fingerprinted as of 11/22/2019 for subbing, do I need to be background checked through the U of A?

Your background check cannot not be over a year old at the time of licensure. This will depend upon when you will be able to be approved for licensure.  So you will need to check your account in AELS, look at the oldest date, anticipate that licensure will be around June 15-July 1 and that should guide you as to whether you will need new background checks for licensure.

Use the instructions linked above.

Question: What is the date that I need to look for, for when my background check will expire? ASP Cleared Date, FBI Cleared Date, or Central Registry Cleared Date?

Please see the directions for checking the status


Question: My background check is less than a year old, however my last name is different. I am having trouble finding anywhere on AELS website for me to update my new last name. Do I need to redo the entire background check process in order to move forward and apply?

Question: My background check is attached to my maiden name. Since I got married and have a different last name, will I need to redo it?

Name changes will occur after you apply for licensure and all of your information is tied to your SSN. Be prepared to also provide ADE with a copy of your drivers license or other documentation.


Question: My background check says "pending". This is from 2019, so I am assuming something has been lost somewhere in the process. Should I just schedule another background check? Thanks!

You will need to contact ADE at 501-682-4342 and speak with Clara Toney and she can look into this!

Question: I had a background check for concealed carry, daycare work or camp? Do I need another set for you all?

Background checks for teacher education must be ADE background checks. Typically when you have done background checks through other agencies, you are not giving consent for your information to be shared to other agencies, hence the need for another background check!