Out of State Background Checks

These instructions apply to current students not living in Arkansas such as online students or former graduates seeking licensure.

Submitting Payment and Fingerprinting Consent for ADE Background Checks:  Out of State Student Instructions

You will need to refer back to this page!

Step 1 You will need an Arkansas Department of Education fingerprint card. You can request one from the Arkansas Department of Education at  clara.toney@arkansas.gov  - Please include your mailing address in the email request. 

Step 2 — Complete your payment of $38.25 for the Arkansas State Police/FBI background check here: https://www.ark.org/ade/licensure_cbc/index.php

  1. Under the “Choose a School District/Location” select the “Arkansas Department of Education
  2. Enter the following Verification Code for the University of Arkansas: 8800016
  3. Under the “Reason Fingerprinted” select “Teacher (Pre-Service)” or "Teacher (Licensure, Lifetime, Renewal)"
  4. Upon completion of payment, you will be issued a transaction number and a printable receipt. Print this receipt to include with your background check documents.

Step 3 — Complete and submit the online "background check consent form/fingerprinting request" to ADE here: https://aels.ade.arkansas.gov/AELS/Consent/Consent1.aspx

  1. Under the “Reason for Background Check” select “Teacher (Pre-Service)” or "Teacher (Licensure, Lifetime, Renewal)"
  2. Under “Employer” select “IHE – EPP University of Arkansas  Fayetteville”
  3. Upon completion of the form, you will be given the option to print the consent form in a .pdf format.

Step 4  Take fingerprint card, government issued ID and obtain ink fingerprints at a local police station. After you have been printed, mail fingerprint card, copy of ID and "background check consent form/fingerprinting request*" here:

ADE address:

Office of Educator Licensure
Arkansas Department of Education
4 Capitol Mall, Room 106-B
Little Rock, AR 72201 

*Note — You will already have submitted the necessary fingerprinting consent form to ADE in Step 3, but in order for the fingerprint card to be easily identified - it is best to go ahead and include a copy of the consent form.

STEP 3 - Arkansas Child Maltreatment Central Registry Check (this has three parts: form generation, review/electronic signature and upload of signed form to DHS with payment)

Part 1: Form Generation

  2. Under the Reason – select “You are a teacher, pre-service teacher, work for or attempting to work for a school in Arkansas.”
  3. Applicant Type – select “Licensed Teacher”
  4. School district: Arkansas Department of Education
  5. School district contact: leave blank
  6. Email address: dese.dcfsresults@ade.arkansas.gov (this may populate automatically)
  7. District phone number: leave blank
  8. School Mailing address: leave blank
  9. Complete all remaining parts of the form with your applicant information. You will need to list all children (related or non-related) now residing or who have ever resided in the home with you (including siblings) and all biological children even if they have not resided in the home. DOB and SSN will be requested for each child. Once all required fields are completed, click the ‘Submit Form’ button. If you have questions about this you can call DHS 501-682-0405.

Part 2: Electronic Signature and Form Submission to DHS

  1. The completed request form will be emailed to the email address you entered on the AR Child Maltreatment Central Registry Request Form web page. You will review and electronically sign the form with instructions in the email.
  2. Click “Review and Sign” after you have read the email instructions. The electronically signed form will be sent back to you in an email. The pdf will be three pages and include a document completion certificate.  Included will be a link for form upload and payment to DHS.

screen capture of DHS email

Part 3: Consent Form Submission to DHS and Payment:

  1. Select option “You are a teacher or work for a school in Arkansas” Select “Licensed Teacher” for applicant type In the section titled
  3. Contact Email: dese.dcfsresults@ade.arkansas.gov
  4. Complete APPLICANT INFORMATION section. Upload all pages of the electronically signed consent form by clicking the “Choose File” link and attaching your file
  5. Click Submit and follow online payment instructions. The fee for this part of the background check is 11.00