International Teaching Internships

U of A interns enjoy the view from Machu Picchu!Beautiful view in Gothenburg, situated on the west coast of Sweden.U of A faculty and interns outside the Abraham Lincoln School in Lima.View from the top in Jönköping, Sweden.Faculty and Staff from the Abraham Lincoln School in Lima, Peru love Arkansas!U of A Interns enjoying the Swedish hockey playoffs in Jönköping.U of A Intern enjoying the view off the coast of Peru.

The University of Arkansas launched the addition of international teaching internship opportunities in spring 2014. Students in the secondary education M.A.T., childhood education M.A.T., elementary education, and art education programs have the opportunity to have an experience somewhere outside of Northwest Arkansas for the last few weeks of their student teaching year.

International student teaching sites are currently in Lima, Peru, at the Peruvian North American Abraham Lincoln School and in Jönköping, Sweden, in conjunction with Jönköping University. Students placed in Peru live with host families from the school community, and students placed in Sweden live in the international dorms on or near campus. 

We plan to expand this opportunity to more teacher education programs and to add new sites as the program grows. Please contact Jake Ayo at if you have questions about this exciting endeavor!