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The University of Arkansas seeks to prepare knowledgeable, skillful, caring, and professional educators.  Partnering with faculty, community, and teacher candidates, we desire to prepare educators who are able to meet the needs of all learners in diverse settings.  

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Candidates seeking to obtain licensure in any teacher preparation program at the University of Arkansas need to first apply to the Office of Teacher Education. Apply, get information regarding background checks, test preparation materials, and passing scores for admission to teacher education.

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Candidates will find the online teacher licensure checklist, information regarding licensure assessments, initial licensure programs, endorsements and frequently asked questions.

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One of the first steps to licensure is getting a background check. All schools require a background check in order for teacher candidates to visit during their field placements. Scheduling, instructions and all forms for completing background checks for University of Arkansas teacher candidates are found here.

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Field experience is an essential component of our teacher education programs. Candidates gain invaluable experience applying theory to practice by working in schools each semester. Observations, Practicums, and Full-Time Internships are part of every education program.

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Mentors give their time, wisdom, and access to their classrooms so our students and teacher candidates can see effective teaching being modeled. You can find evaluation forms used by programs, information on mentor training, and the process to become a mentor teacher.

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Our teacher education program is accredited through a self-regulation process by which the quality of our institution, and educator preparation provider (EPP) is evaluated by an organization of peers within the education profession.

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