Endorsements by Program of Study

An endorsement by program of study is for those who currently hold a teaching license in a standard area and need to complete requirements to add another area to that existing credential.

Click the link below for instructions to follow after completion of all requirements: 

Instructions for adding an endorsement upon completing a program of study [PDF]

You will also need to consult the licensure rules and procedures for endorsements set by the Arkansas Department of Education. If planning to teach out of area before requirements are complete, your school district will need to file an Additional Licensure Plan form with the Arkansas Department of Education. The forms may be downloaded from the bottom section of this part of the state's Web site.

Program of Study:

A student completing an endorsement program of study from the University of Arkansas must meet the following conditions.

  • Students can transfer six credit hours found on the transfer equivalency guide.
  • Programs that require less than 12 credit hours will be excluded from this policy.
  • If a student requests transfer of more than six credits, program faculty approval is required.
  • Transfer courses will be accepted for undergraduate courses with a grade of C or above and graduate courses with a grade of B or above.
  • NO GRADE BELOW a C will be accepted for undergraduate endorsement program of study courses taken at the University of Arkansas.
  • No grade below a B will be accepted for graduate program of study courses taken at the University of Arkansas.
  • Passing score obtained on Praxis exam (Required Praxis information can be found at the Praxis website for Arkansas.

Admissions information:



Content areas:

Each content area for additional licensure specifies a program of study, and links to each are provided below. The university's transfer equivalency web site may be useful.

Dyslexia Therapy Program of Study K-12 (.pdf)

David Hanson, dwhanson@uark.edu