Middle Level Endorsement

Middle School Endorsement consists of licensure in English, Math, Science and Social Studies content areas grades 4-8. The endorsement is available to those with P-4, K-6 and 7-12 licenses. Middle school endorsement requires successful completion of three credit hours of Arkansas History and completion of a 45 clock hour Disciplinary Literacy course*.

For those with an initial P-4 license there is also the option to add the K-6 endorsement by taking the Praxis Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects test (5001). This option will add licensure through grades 6. Note: There is no specific endorsement for just grades 5-6. If needing to add grades 5-6, a P-4 candidate would be able to use option 1 below. Also, those with a 7-12 license cannot add the K-6 endorsement without completing an approved program of study.

Both options require additional ADE mandated professional development in the area of disciplinary literacy that is currently available for licensed Arkansas educators only. Non-licensed candidates may take all necessary Praxis exams prior to program completion and upon issue of the Arkansas license, can complete required professional development and add the appropriate endorsement.

Option 1 (for P-4 initial license level only):

This option would also require that a 45 clock hour Disciplinary Literacy course be taken*. This course can be taken through the ADE on the IDEAS portal. http://www.arkansasideas.org/ upon becoming a licensed educator. For information on how to enroll in the course - link to these instructions. (Beginning Fall 2016, P-4 candidates can take CIED 4363: Disciplinary Literacy to fulfill the disciplinary literacy requirement.)

Take the Praxis test for 
K-6 to be certified in:
You need to take: CDT Code PDT Code Qualifying Score
For K-6 Endorsement Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (calculators allowed) 5001 n/a *
Mathematics Subtest 5003 n/a 157
Reading Language Arts Subtest 5002 n/a 157
Science Subtest 5005 n/a 159
Social Studies Subtest 5004 n/a 155
* To pass the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects test you must receive a passing score on each subtest. If you wish to take all four subtests (5002, 5003, 5004, 5005) at the same time, select Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5001) when registering. If you wish to take or retake an individual subtest, you may register to take just that subtest.

Option 2 for adding grade levels 4-8 (for P-4* , K-6 and 7-12* initial licenses):

If you have or are obtaining licensure in the P-4, K-6, or 7-12 grade levels then you may test out of one or more middle level content areas: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. 

*This option would require Disciplinary Literacy professional development (45 clock hours) and a course in Arkansas History if you do not currently have existing college credit. For information on how to enroll in these courses through Arkansas Ideas - link to these instructions.

To be certified in one of the below
4-8 grade level content areas:
Preparation Materials CDT Code PDT Code Qualifying Score
Middle School English Middle School English Language Arts 5047 n/a 164
Middle School Mathematics Middle School Mathematics (on screen calculator provided - Calculator use policy) 5169 n/a 165
Middle School Science Middle School Science 5440 n/a 150
Middle School Social Studies Middle School Social Studies 5089 n/a 149

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