Middle Level Endorsement

Middle School Endorsement consists of licensure in English, Math, Science and Social Studies content areas grades 4-8. The endorsement is available to those with P-4, K-6 and 7-12 licenses.

If you have or are obtaining licensure in the P-4, K-6, or 7-12 grade levels then you may test out of one or more middle level content areas: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. 

*Middle School Social Studies would require a course in Arkansas History if you do not currently have existing college credit. For information on how to enroll in these courses through Arkansas Ideas - link to these instructions

To be certified in one of the below
4-8 grade level content areas:
Preparation Materials CDT Code PDT Code Qualifying Score
Middle School English Middle School English Language Arts 5047 n/a 164
Middle School Mathematics Middle School Mathematics (on screen calculator provided - Calculator use policy 5164 n/a 150
Middle School Science Middle School Science 5442 n/a 147
Middle School Social Studies Middle School Social Studies 5089 n/a 149

 *Required beginning September 1, 2022 Middle School Mathematics  5164 with qualifying score of 150