Licensure in Another State

texasOn October 13 representatives from Plano School District HR office were on campus to discuss Texas educator licensure options. Please see the below recording of their session:

Video Recording of Information Presentation

Contact 479-575-6073 for more information.

Licensure or certification in another state is facilitated by first receiving a license in Arkansas. An application must be made directly to that state's department of education by the student. The licensure office does not submit licensure packets or applications  to other states but in some instances the applications will have a section to be signed by the licensure officer to verify the completion of a program.  Educator licensure in each state is regulated by specific laws in that state and dependent on education standards that the state has adopted.                                 

In order to address teacher shortage areas and facilitate the movement of teachers among states there are agreements among states that make it possible for a teacher  to be licensed in another state via reciprocity. It is important to understand reciprocity in regards to what it is and also what it is not.                                 

The National Association of State Directors or Teacher Education and Certification have compiled the most up to date information on these agreements. If you are moving  out of state it is recommended that you visit the below websites in order to determine whether they have reciprocity and how it is defined in that state.                                 

What is an Interstate Agreement or Reciprocity?

Information for Out of State Applicants (reciprocity by state)

Directory of Licensure Offices (by state)

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To have an institutional verification formed signed from another state, send a packet containing the following information to Dr. Myra Haulmark, Director; Teacher Licensure; 338 Graduate Education Building; Fayetteville, AR 72701:

  • Out-of-state application from the state in which a position is sought
  • Copy of Arkansas teaching license
  • For UA graduates who have never held an Arkansas license, copy of Praxis scores
  • Copy of transcript

The packet will be reviewed and, if complete, will be sent to the appropriate receiving agency with a recommendation. Incomplete packets cannot be acted upon. Please note: you must have completed an approved educator preparation program at the University of Arkansas in order for the office to sign your verification form.