Mentor Teachers

The most crucial components of field placements are the wonderful teachers who serve as mentors for our students and teacher candidates! Our mentors give their time, wisdom, and access to their classrooms so our students can see effective teaching being modeled. Whether you are a mentor for observations, practicums, or full-time internships, please know we could not do this without you. WE LOVE OUR MENTORS!

If you are interested in serving as a mentor for a U of A teacher candidate, feel free to complete our Online Mentor Teacher Form. Any placement proposal will first be sent to your administrator for approval. Any questions can be directed to  JL Jennings , the Director of Field Placement. 

Who are our Mentor Teachers?

Teaching Experience: Most mentor teachers hosting EPP teacher candidates have taught for more than 10 years (Average of 69% over the past 3 years).

Mentoring Experience: We have a great balance of seasoned mentors (almost 40% the past 3 years have mentored UA candidates at least 5 years) and those being cultivated as new mentor teachers.

Highest Degree EarnedAlmost 70% of our mentor teachers hold at least a Master's degree.

National Board Certification: About 25% of our mentor teachers have achieved National Board Certification or are in progress.

Additional Certifications: Over 30% of our mentor teachers hold an ESL certification.


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